Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

We always had come across a debate topic that is between the older people of society and the youth. The most common topic that rises the debate is that our older generation thinks that their older method of living life is good as compared to now and our youth thinks that their modern method of living is good as it helps to simplify the crucial tasks and it gives us many advantages as compared to old times. One more topic which emerges here is digital marketing is good or traditional marketing. Can in upcoming days digital marketing can replace traditional marketing?

Let’s understand the benefits of digital and traditional marketing, how one is better than the other? First, let’s talk about traditional marketing.


Traditional marketing is the market system which prevails in our society from thousands year. It is the oldest and probably the first way of purchasing and selling goods hence it is called traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing, we have to visit the market to buy goods. We can touch it, we can wear it, we can check the quality, etc. For operating a traditional market, one doesn’t need to possess any special knowledge or education. Any person who knows how to count money and in simple words, basic maths of counting and arranging can operate the traditional market. No one needs to learn how to operate smartphones, laptops, pcs, or no one needs to have an email id, etc to run their shop in the traditional market.

There is no intermediary involve while we purchase from the traditional market as we purchase goods directly from the seller. Yes, there are intermediaries involved in the traditional market that transports the goods from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers. But we purchase directly from the person who sells those goods whether they are manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. And can hold them accountable for any flaws in the good we have purchased. We can ask them for a refund or to repair their product.

We communicate face to face without any distance barrier between us, not on any glass screen but in person. We have some trustworthy shopkeepers with whom we have developed family-like behavior, by purchasing goods from them for several years. As they know us, they can provide us a huge discount more than any other customers also. As we are trustworthy customers they can give us goods in advance without worrying about the payment as they believe we will never fraud them.  We can bargain about the price in the traditional market. The biggest advantage of the traditional market is that at the time of emergency we can go and purchase goods at that particular point of time.


  • For purchasing, we have to visit the market and for visiting the market we have to wear clean clothes and look decent as we are going to walk between several unknown people, we can’t wear anything like shots and roam around the city.
  • We have to carry our own goods up to our home.
  • We don’t have a huge variety of products to choose from.
  • Roaming to different shops around the city for shopping can be exhausting and takes lots of time or maybe sometimes the whole day.
  • You have to visit different shops for different types of goods. You can’t find everything in one single place.


Digital marketing is the new form of marketing an easy and convenient way to do shopping. People love it as it takes no effort or very few efforts. As its names suggest digital which means related to electronics and technology.  For operating the digital market, one must need to have basic knowledge of technology and must have an internet connection, and a gadget like a smartphone, pcs, or laptops.

It is difficult for illiterate people to operate in the digital market. We can see a huge variety of products at a single platform in digital marketing. We can see it in a 360-degree angle and can read the honest opinion of people who have to use that product. It has a similar price for everyone whether they are rich or poor no discrimination. It saves time as while sitting at any corner of our house we can buy the things we want and it gets delivered to your doorstep you don’t have to go anywhere to pick your order. We don’t have to pay in cash only we have a wide option for paying like through debit/credit cards, wallets, etc.

There is always a site through which we shop online, in digital marketing sellers list their products on the site and buyers see and buy the products which they want. So here the intermediary is that site that connects sellers to buyers. We can refund our product easily by visiting the site from which we have ordered and select the option of a refund then the delivery boy will come to take the product and within 1 week of refund application, your money gets refunded to your bank account. There is a time period up to only which you can opt for a refund it can be 1 month or 1 week after the expiry of the listed time you cannot apply for any refund.

There is no face to face interaction between seller and buyer as they are connected through a digital site or a digital screen only. The buyer knows the site the seller knows the site but both the seller and buyer do not interact with each other.

Digital marketing saves time as we don’t have to go anywhere and roam through the markets and supermarket to buy things, we just select any product and place the order it takes few minutes only so we can use saved time in another work.


  • We cannot touch or wear the product at the time of purchasing.
  • We cannot test it is working or not as delivery boy delivers it receives payment and leave.
  • The people who don’t have a bank account cannot opt for a refund as a refund only gets deposited in your bank account.
  • You cannot buy any product instantly at the time of emergency at it takes a few days to deliver the product.
  • Less educated people cannot sell or buy products from the digital market.
  • People cannot bargain from sellers.
  • Most of the seller’s fraud customers by showing something else and delivering something else. They don’t reply to any call or emails after delivery.
  • We cannot get the idea of the quality of any product just by seeing them.
  • People face size problem in clothing and footwear.

After knowing about both benefits and drawbacks of both Traditional market and Digital marketing we come to the conclusion that both have its pros and cons both are better at one place and worst at some. Both provide different-different advantages. Digital Marketing provides us more benefits as compared to Traditional Marketing but it cannot be helpful at the time of emergency or its biggest drawback is that there is no personal interaction between seller and buyer so there is no trust or low trust as lots of people make fake sites and tend to fraud people. We always need a traditional market as at the time of emergency we only have one option and that is the traditional market or it is trustworthy also.

Hence Traditional Marketing cannot get replaced by Digital Marketing.

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