Recently on JULY 6 trailer of beautiful love story “DIL BECHARA” was out. It is the movie based on John Green’s 2012 novel “The Fault In Our Stars”. Josh Boone an American director also made a movie based on the novel with the same title in 2014. The main cast of the movie are Sushant Singh Rajpoot, Sanjana Sanghi, and Saif Ali Khan and it is directed by Mukesh Chhabra.  This movie is the love story of two youngsters who are suffering from cancer. The movie is going to release on the 24th of July on Disney+ Hotstar. After the death of lead actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot, the movie become a hot topic to talk and it got great hype in the film industry.

Fault in our stars

Everyone is in shock by the demise of a talented actor and a famous Bollywood star. No one believes he ended his life itself by attempting suicide as he was a very strong and dedicated person. He was a dreamer and explorer who wants to know ever hidden knowledgeable things of this world. His dreams can be seen from his diary which was recovered from his house. He was very intelligent as he was curious to know about the logic hidden behind the science, our holy books, or our ancient Sanskrit language, this can be seen from his Instagram posts. The reason behind his death is still a mystery. The last thing which he left for his fans is his movie.


His fans are very excited and eagerly waiting for his last movie. And recently after the release of the trailer they get overwhelmed by his acting and his charming smile. Peoples are loving and appreciating his role and the way he played the role. After his death lots of people came forward and said about how mental health is important, we have to support every person around us, we never have to bully them or make them feel worse. While social media is full of posts related to depression, mental health, loneliness, suicide, etc. people are motivating others to open up and speak up don’t cage yourself within you, etc. People just say things like that never follows it. Whenever something happens, they become active suddenly starts to talk about the topic on which they never bothered to think. Suddenly all the people became friends of their enemies and all the people started behaving like psychiatrists.

Now after the release of the movie trailer, everyone is talking about only about Sushant Singh Rajpoot, his acting, his charm, his dancing, his body, his appearance, it is good we have to appreciate a good actor, I hope people have done so before his demise, he never got that much appreciation for any of his movie earlier, maybe people value the things when it is gone. It is obvious that why there is a great hype about Sushant Singh Rajpoot but we don’t have to neglect the potential and the hard work of another actor.


Dil Bechara is a debut movie for Sanjana Sanghi in which she is the lead character, earlier she had performed a small role in Rockstar movie directed by Imtiaz Ali. She is a rising star, she just has started her journey, she also needs little appreciation for her work, she needs our support to achieve the height of success. But no one is talking about her acting, her magical smile, her appearance, her work at all. She is also the part of the movie, she is also the lead character, she is building her career, she will evaluate herself, her acting skills by our response and feedback. If she does not get the appreciation which she needs or deserve then it will bother her. This is the huge step of her life/career, she has some hopes if she does not get the desired output after performing well then there is a chance that she can feel low and upset. Don’t neglect her hard work, it is the time to appreciate the people who are alive now not when they are no more.


People understand the true value of someone only when they are not with us. The peoples are crazy for the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajpoot, if he was alive there is a chance lots of people would have said cheap things about the movie and even don’t want to watch the movie, the people who are signing the petition to launch the movie on a big platform, on big screens may have never bothered to watch the movie in movie halls, instead, they have preferred to watch the pirated version. When Sushant Singh Rajpoot was alive he asked his fans to watch his movie, he replied to many comments on his post and try to convince them to watch his movie as his fans are his godfather no one else.

This is the problem of our society people never value the person who is alive they realize their presence or they value them after they are gone.

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