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Digital marketing is a way of marketing through which you can operate globally and can connect to a huge number of people. Most of the people buy any product after either watching any video or reading about it on search engines. If the business has an online presence than people feel that the business is reliable but if the business does not have an online presence then people hesitate to rely on that business firm as there is no proof of business reliability. So, in the present time, the digital presence of a business is very important.

youngsters attracted to digital marketing

 Young minds get attracted to this platform as it doesn’t need lots of physical work its needs patience, time, and little technical skills. It is a very wide and interesting sector as it involves social media networks, graphic designing which attracts people to opt for it as a career.

technical skills for coding

Generally, people join this field without acquiring proper knowledge about it. Due to a lack of awareness, people think this field requires a lot of technical skills as one needs to work with computers, laptops, internet technology, and on many other sites and apps. People think one must have to acquire any special computer-based degree or any programming skills like coding to work in this field. But it is not completely true. How it is not completely true? Read further to know.

programming in digital marketing

In the current situation, if you know coding and programming skills than it is beneficial but if you don’t know any such skills than no problem. Coding and programming skills are not necessary for this field. There are many options available for digital marketers that they can use for successful digital marketing and they don’t need coding for that. One example of that option is WordPress. WordPress allows you to do SEO without the need for any coding and programming skills. More than half of the content creator on any search engine like Google, Firefox, Yahoo uses WordPress for creating content and website.


The majority of small businessmen do not know technical skills so, to grow their business globally they need digital marketing, and if coding will compulsory in digital marketing than those small businessmen will not able to do digital marketing. So, for their convenience people who know coding and programming skills develop apps and sites which do coding itself and simplify your work. By doing so, any businessman who know how to operate a smartphone and computer can do digital marketing in just some simple steps.

All the programming skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL are good tools to carry on business in the digital world.  As it helps marketers to cope up with the challenges. If you want to do coding for better results you can hire special experts for it, it would be better if developers will develop websites and apps and the marketers will use the app and simplify the process.

All the sites, mails, applications, social networks, and tools that you use to grow your business and connect to people, all functions because are coders who code them.

What do Digital Marketers do?

what do digital marketers do?

What does a digital marketer do? A digital marketer create a website, videos, blogs, content, do SEO, do SMM, use social media sites to know consumers likes and demands, email consumers about offers and details, use analytics to track the performance, promote sites through advertising on search engines, using analytics results improves their performance, use paid advertising method like pay-per-click or display advertising, etc. all this work do not need coding. As the web developers and apps developers already created sites and apps that help us to do all the above-mentioned work easily. The sites they crated like WordPress itself code your content in a code that is suitable for digital marketing. You may have to learn HTML for a better ranking of your website but you can learn it just a few hours. You may have to learn basic about coding for efficient work but you can learn it in withing some hours.

Value added by coding.

coding adds value in digital narketing business

There is no doubt that learning coding is adding value to your digital work lets know some of its benefits.

  • A digital marketer with coding or programming skills will have a good understanding of marketing tools, which gives an edge over competitors.
  • Digital marketing experts with coding can easily do-little changes/improvements and customized changes to any sites itself which will save lots of time and money.
  • By understanding the structure of code, you can think and requests that work with your development team which is logically possible.
  • If a digital marketer knows to code than they can easily customize landing page/ homepage according to their want and advantage itself, they don’t have to depend on others for that.
conclusion to 'do digital marketing needs coding?'

Knowing coding will be beneficial for any business doing digital marketing but it is not mandatory as digital marketing works very efficiently without the knowledge of coding also. You should know a little bit about coding but no need to be an expert. It is absolutely your choice to learn coding or not. Even if you don’t learn it, you will boost your business with excellence in digital marketing.

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