Journalism evolved from time to time, earlier it is used for delivering war news and it gets printed or broadcasted weekly or monthly including all the important incidents and happenings which happened in that particular week or month. From their innovations and ideas get introduced in journalism and its scope gets widen, now along with war news and important incident it also includes sports, movies, jobs, crime, celebrities related articles, poetry’s, images, advertisements, riddles, paper games, and many more. Now the motive for which journalism was started has been changed from making aware the general public of the happenings around the globe to profit-making and TRP (Television Rating Points). In today’s time, journalism became a business that provides crisp and spicy news so that people get more interested and they can get more profit from it. The hotter the news the exclusive the news the greater will be profit. Journalism became a competition where every news providing organization wants to be rank 1st and earn great profit whether in the process, they are neglecting the ethics and core principles of journalism.

Once journalism tends to be the “MIRROR OF SOCIETY”, “THE FOURTH PILLAR OF GOVERNMENT’, “WATCHDOG” but it is not the same anymore because in the race of more profit, more TRPs, the higher ranking it is lacking its values and purpose for which it has been started. In today’s journalism, journalist presents the facts and news by using the sords in a way that changes the original meaning of the news, they want to interpret something and the choice of their words and the way of writing and presenting interprets something else to the public. To make the news sensational, crispy, and spicy they lose its originality.

Recently one of the news broadcasted on INDIA TV channel gets trolled badly on social media. It was the news broadcasted on Sunday, 12 July 2020 at 10 a.m. about the famous movie actor AMITABH BACHCHAN. The anchor of the news was Journalist HUSSAIN RIZVI. He was delivering the news about the health condition of AMITABH BACHCHAN sir and his son ABHISEKH BACHCHAN sir after getting tested positive to COVID-19 and admitted to Nanavati hospital in Mumbai on Saturday. At 10:04 am two lines of news flashed on the channel states “अमिताभ को बीती रात नींद अच्छी आयी”, “सुबह उठकर अमिताभ ने नाश्ता भी किया”. People trolled this news very highly on social media, some of them edited the lines with some unrespectful, and bad sentences, they made a joke about it. People have trolled these lines because the work of journalism is not to state which celebrity had slept well? And which celebrity has eaten well? Journalism is meant for displaying important news and happenings.

If someone is a public figure and his news is important for numerous publics then show and tell what is needed and important to tell or show. Like, in this case, there is no need to state Amitabh had his breakfast or not, he had slept or not you can just simply state he is doing fine, his treatments are going well, there is nothing to worry about and so on. Don’t complicate things and just don’t overdo it, just keep it simple even it is about any celebrity. Lots of people are suffering from COVID-19 in India, journalists never stated the eating and sleeping habits of any other citizen who is suffering from COVID-19 so don’t state those things about a celebrity also because it is of no use to the general public what matter is their wellbeing.

Journalism has different types, sports journalism, crime journalism, business journalism, celebrity or entertainment journalism, etc. If you are working in celebrity journalism then also keep it simple deliver important information of the celebs to their fans. Just deliver what is demanded by the fans. Not disclose their private information, don’t intimidate their privacy, don’t make issues while they visit the hospital for daily check-ups, don’t click shameful pics, and talk about the daily outfits they wear. They are also normal people and have some privacy, they can’t flaunt always. People’s entertainment and hot topics don’t show news in a faulty way which delivers the wrong message to the public about that particular person. Give proper attention to the choice of words, the way you are using it, what message does it deliver, what will be the impact of this few lines to the person for whom you are writing it. Celebrity journalism is important as fans want to know about their celebs. Journalism is a responsibility not a social media’s fake post where you say what doesn’t matter. Journalism is the prime, most trusted, and reliable institution for knowing the news that is happening all over the world.

Journalism is not a privilege, not a profession it is a duty to show true events that are happening all over the world. It is the responsibility to show the truth without distorting it. Earlier journalism was pure, true, fearless, challenging, brave but today maximum people of the journalism are biased, corrupted, and were bought by the ministers. They are not the watchdog of government they are the watchdog of corrupt politicians, politicians give them money and they bark on the news channels and newspapers according to the politicians, as they are their puppets. Now anyone can point fingers towards journalists as they are not that much pure today as they were earlier. Today people treat journalism as a joke, make fun of it, it is because of the way it appears now and forgot its ethics. The condition which is prevailing today is its own fault.

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