How to optimize website content for better ranking in Google SEO.

Increase your ranking in Google SEO.

We will tell you how to optimize your website for SEO and what to do for getting better ranking and more traffic on your website. Read further to know. Here we will go step by step from top to bottom to explain how to optimize your website for better ranking.


On page factor refers to the factors you can control on your own website like title, heading, content, etc. Off page factors refers to factors that occurs off your website or outside of your website like promotion  techniques, amount of exposure on social media, referred links from another sites, etc.

Optimizing URLs

URLs are the most neglected part of a page. As most of the people don’t give their proper attention to the URLs. It provides added value to your keywords and it appears within the search results. Write your URL  in a way that it can easily readable by humans and make some sense. Its should give a glimpse of content you want to show. Its should make clear what content is there on the page. You can see the above image where the URL  is giving a proper sense of what the page is about. Some CMS  use a numerical default for URLs, meaning that when a page is created it assigned a numerical code which forms the URLs. For SEO it is not good as you want it to be human-readable. Try to keep your page URL short don’t use more than 3-4 words and long words. You can use shorter words and a few long words. Use your main keywords for the URLs it will look good on-page.

Optimizing  page titles

After URL we will now take a look upon page titles. Titles are displayed on search engine result pages as the clickable headline for a given result. A title of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s contents. Your page title is a part of the page where you need to balance between readability and SEO.  

Let’s see an example of how to google displaying your page title.

Website page title in google search

Now we will know about how to optimize page title for better ranking with the help of this image.

Page title length

You can see the final part of the title in the above image is shortened or we can say truncated by using dots(…). This is because there is a maximum character limit to what Google can display in the results. This is because there is a pixel limit so the google can use space limit up to 512 pixels.

Keywords in the page title

The page element is an important  element for your keywords. You need to make sure your core terms are placed within your title and main or most important terms should be there at the front.

Some system adds their company name at the end of the page title while some at the front. Systems who add their company title at the end is a good tactic as the matter which has to be truncated off matter the least. While if we add it in front then the main matter or main title will get truncated off. Keywords placed at the front of the title also carry the most value than the keywords at the end. Use ‘ How to’ format for the title as it is a popular way of searching and can bring more traffic to your site.


Attractive  page title

Make your title look attractive in appearance as people don’t visit your site just by ranking, they select your site by looking at the way it appears and which contains content they need. They are looking to fulfil their requirements. Within the page title, you must have to be specific about your page content that must fulfil their requirements. SEO  is more likely to rank questions based titles.

Optimizing  page heading

The page heading is used for styling and also for SEO. It also helps readers to identify which content is under which heading, they can find what they need easily. Google also consider headings as it gives an idea about what content there under a specific heading.

Optimizing contents

The most influential, biggest and most important factor of a website is its contents. You just don’t need to use the right keywords but you have to write effective contents which people want to read and share. Let’s focus on content by SEO perspective.


Keywords are the words and phrases which searchers enter into a search engine and from there a search-engine link that to the top-ranked content for those searches. Its is the link between what the searcher wants to search and what is there on the page. You need to make sure keywords that you want to rank to are included in the first 100 words of your content. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content for including keywords.

The way google consider keywords are now changed, today repeatedly using keywords, again and again, does not give you benefits and it makes a poor impression on readers. So now it breaks the contents down and sees the relationship between the words that are used. By keeping your content on topic and focused on a single topic you will naturally create content whose keywords have a strong relationship.

Page load speed

 It is important to factor for your page.  As if your page takes a long time to open up then people will shift to another page which will open faster. Google recognizes that slow pages which provide a poor user experience. So google consider load time as a ranking factor. Google mentions in its developer guidelines that a score of above 85( within their page speed insight tool) in its page load speed indicates that the page is performing well.


If your page has lots of ads which creates inconvenience for the reader to read the content it’s going to negatively affect your ranking.  As readers come to your page for content and if they are not able to read that because of ads it will affect negatively. Lower the ranking fewer the visitors but the page can generate revenue by the ads.

Above are some ways by following which you can increase your website content ranking in SEO.

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